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How to make an Ecommerce Website SEO Friendly

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How to make an Ecommerce Website SEO Friendly?

For Ecommerce Websites doing SEO is very difficult and complicated one. If we are dealing with an Ecommerce website problems are there but also opportunities are also there. Pages are in Hundreds if we see an Ecommerce website. This increases the chance of duplicating content which is not good for SEO but also it is like an opportunity for fresh content which can result in good ranking in search engines.

What are challenges one face in SEO of an Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce website is not as common websites. It has large number of pages and one has to look after the design, navigation and layout of website because these factors directly affect the sales. Team also keeps eye on Sales ratio that is traffic coming on website and number of sales from this traffic. Team has to monitor this ratio constantly and find out effective solutions to overcome problems if coming.

What should we do to achieve Better SEO for Ecommerce websites with considering above points? Here is summarized guide to achieve your goal.

Keyword research and Analysis of keyword’s result

What do we do when we have to build a house?  Very first step is foundation and bricks. Similarly Keywords are the bricks and foundation of SEO on which your building of success of your website is built. Competition is all about keywords in this field and one has to judge the keyword wisely because wrong judgment will directly benefit your competitor.  Steps you should follow to avoid these mistakes:

  • Keyword is the first step before anything. So search that for writing content.
  • Your keyword should not be decided on the basis of search engine ranking but it should focus on targeted customers. The Keyword should be appropriate so that it will bring interested customers and will directly increase your sales.
  • For Ecommerce website Product number, its brand and also category is very much important \. So keyword should include all those.
  • Long tail keyword should be given more preference.
  • Keep your website updated with new trends of SEO. SEO is not one time, it’s concepts changes time to time and you have to be updated for your business.

Social Plugins affect Ecommerce websites SEO

There is statistics about social media which is made after a lot of research. It is

  • Consumers who like to read reviews about different products on social media are 68%
  • Consumers who use social logins but do not create new account to shop online are 40%
  • In Us more than 80% consumers are connected with different brands of different products via social plugins
  • 58% of people who like products or brands page on Facebook expects for prize or discount.
  • 65%  adults who use internet have minimum one social media account.
  • Social Login shoppers use social media
  1. Facebook (60 %)
  2. Yahoo (12 %)
  3. Twitter (11 %)
  4. Google (10 %)
  5. Linkedin (7 %)

These are different factors which one should consider for SEO of Ecommerce website.  You should offer discount or anything to someone who joins your network or likes your page. All platforms are equally important. So do not focus only on Facebook.


Keyword research is very much important for Ecommerce Website SEO. You should analyze every keyword which you will be using. Social media is the tool to build your brand. Using that effectively will help you a lot. I will soon write an article about content for Ecommerce websites and how to display it with designing features best for these sites.

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  1. Stephan says

    i usually focus on keyword, that’s a good strategy to make a website more friendly, you can effectively contact with your customers and increase your service.
    thanks for your sharing.

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